Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Food-borne pathogens control by combination of silver nanoparticle and some plant essential oils (Carum copticum, Teucrium polium and Kelussia odoratissima )using microdilution assay            0000-00-00
2    A study of Tunneling magnetoresistance in PTh    M.Sc.    Modarresi Saryazdi, Sayyed Mohsen    0000-00-00
3    An ab initio calculation of the Young Modulus in Boron Nitrogen Multiwal nanotubes(MWBNNT)            0000-00-00
4    study of the structural and magnetic properties of TiO2 nanoparticles doped with Fe for medical and industrail applications            0000-00-00
5    Synthesis of the CaF2:Er polymer nanocomposite and nanofibers and and study of the structural, optical luminesance prpoperties –Sol gel and electrospin method            0000-00-00
6    Investigation of Spin Transport in Acene’s Family-A NEGF and DFT approach    Ph.D    Pilevarshahri, Raheleh    2010-04-19
7    Preparation of nanoparticles and thin films of optical semi -conducting compounds SnxSy and SnxSey: Study of their nanostructures, electrical and optical properties    Ph.D    fadavieslam, mohammad reza    2010-07-20
8    study of electronic rectification in the system of electrode/azafullerene/electrode    M.Sc.    ,    2010-08-23
9    Synthesis of Ag@SnO2 / Poly(vinyl alcohol) Core-Shell Structure Nanocomposites and Study of Their Structural and Optical Properties    M.Sc.    Khosravi Nouri, Mehdi    2010-09-23
10    syntthesis and study of optical luminesence properties of CaF2 nanoparticles    M.Sc.    nakhaei, fajri    2010-12-21
11    Synthesis of nanocomposites of SiO2 nanoparticles and study of their optical properties for the purpose of nanodrug applications(feasibility study of coating with gold shell and chitozamn polymer)    M.Sc.    kazemzadeh otoufi, mozhgan    2010-12-21
12    Design, fabrication and study of the electerical properties of Metal oxide sensors sensitive to Aspergillus Niger            2011-01-30
13    synthesis of CdsZnO nanocomposite by sol-gel method and study of their structural and optical properties    M.Sc.    beheshtiyan, omekolsum    2011-02-19
14    Synthesis and study of structural and sensing properties of Fe3O4 /Chitozan nanocomposite-Study of the effects of Zn impurity and FTO substrate    M.Sc.    Rezai Marand, Zahra    2011-04-19
15    Synthesis of Fe3O4@nSiO2@mSiO2core –shell nano composite and study of their structure ,porousity and magnetic properties(the possibility of luminescence coating of nano particles )    M.Sc.    Helmi Rashid Farimani, Mitra    2011-04-20
16    fabrication and calibration of an Ag nanoparticles sensor for detecting and determining the melamine level in raw milk    M.Sc.    Bagheri, Rana    2011-05-22
17    Study of the effects of impurity on the spin filtering properties of a graphene nanoribbon    M.Sc.    khoshgoftar maher, maliheh    2011-05-24
18    Synthesis and study of structural of nanocomposit core shell Fe3O4@ZnO    M.Sc.    ghasemi, elahe    2011-06-05
19    Synthesis of Fe3O4 nano particles and the study of the effects of Mn Impurity on its structural and magnetic properties-Feasibility study of synthesis of Fe3O4-Mn /Tio2 core shell structure and hnvestigation of its physical properties.    M.Sc.    behrad, fatemeh    2011-06-15
20    Synthesis, characterization and investigation of thermoelectric properties of nanopowders of Ca2Co2O5    M.Sc.    mohamadpour, marjan    2011-06-15
21    Study of spin torque of the electron on the local magnetic moments in transporting through the system of magnetic tunneling junctionFM/trans-PA/FM under bias voltage    M.Sc.    ,    2011-10-02
22    Study of the effect of bias voltage on spin-transfer torque in transport thruogh the magnetic tunnel junction(MTJ) in the system FM/Polyacene/FM    M.Sc.    hariri, zohre    2011-10-07
23    Synthesis, characterization and optical studies of SiO2/Au/Cu core/shell/shell nanostructures    Ph.D    rezvani, hosein    2011-11-11
24    Deposition and study of structural, electrical, optical and electrochreomic properties of Vanadium Oxide nanostructures layers and the effect of dopands on these properties    Ph.D    Mousavi, BiBi maliheh    2011-11-22
25    Theoretical study of spintronics properties and impurity effects in the system electrode/diamantain/electrode – a Green’s function approach    M.Sc.    masoudi, hor    2011-11-26
26    Theoretical study of electronic properties of Diamondoids and the effects of impurity in the system of electrode/ diamantine(C14H18) /electrode – a Green’s function approach    M.Sc.    mohammadi, mohammad ali    2011-11-26
27    Exprimental studies of antistiction films on metal surface    Ph.D    Valipour Motlagh, Naser    2012-01-28
28    Electronic properties of Boron Nitride nanotube in the presence of adsorbed hydrogen    M.Sc.    Bayani, Amir Hossein    2012-07-15
29    study of electron transport and density of states in multilayer graphene nanoribbons    M.Sc.    Kamelan Kafi, Mohammad Reza    2012-07-15
30    mechanical properties of nanotubes    M.Sc.    kouhjani goji, farzaneh    2012-09-20
31    optical properties of carbon nanotubes    M.Sc.    ghodrati bezenjerd, masome    2012-09-20
32    The effect of nano-film packaging on quality and shelf life of agaricus bisporus    M.Sc.    gharavi ahangar, elham    2012-09-25
33    The effect of many-body interaction on the electronic properties of nano-structures    Ph.D    Modarresi Saryazdi, Sayyed Mohsen    2012-12-26
34    Calculating the band structure of α- and β- graphyne and its Nanoribbons and modeling the ballistic graphyne nanoribbon field-effect transistor devices    Ph.D    jafarzadeh, hamed    2013-01-02
35    Numerical study of electronic transport in a 2 layer grapheme system-the effect of the presence of 3rd layer between the 2 layer system    M.Sc.    hasanzadeh javanian, hamid    2013-01-15
36    Experimental preparation of improved membrane based on polyphenylsulfone for filtration of aqueous medium    Ph.D    Kiani, Shirin    2013-02-23
37    Study the role of metallic nano particles ( TiO2, Fe2O3) and magnetic field on uptake, growth and yield of wheat    Ph.D    feizi, hasan    2013-05-28
38    The effect of phenyl groups on the electronic and transport properties of Tetracene molecule    M.Sc.    Alizadeh, Sara    2013-06-15
39    Study of the fisibility of filtering some heavy elements in the molibden concentrate by the nanostructures    M.Sc.    vosoogh, mahtab    2013-06-15
40    The excitonic effects on electrionic and optical properties of nano sheets with hexagonal lattice of III-V compounds: First-principles calculations    Ph.D    vahedi, davoud    2013-07-13
41    Theoreical study of growth of Nanolayers of metal or semiconductor oxides on insulating substrate    M.Sc.    shourni, sara    2013-12-07
42    Investigation of the possibility of superconductivity in two-dimensional nanostructures    Ph.D    Morshedloo, Toktam    2014-01-26
43    Numerical study on electronic and electron transport properties of silicene nanoribbon for biosensing application: Density functional and nonequilibrium Green’s function approaches    Ph.D    Alesheikh, Sara    2014-01-26
44    Numerical study on electronic, optical and electron transport properties of ZnO nanostructures-Amino acid bioconjugated systems for biosensing applications: Density functional and non-equilibrium Green’s function approaches    Ph.D    maddahi, pari sadat    2014-01-26
45    Theoretical and computational aspects of spin transport of the materials based on graphene-like nanoribbons    Ph.D    sohbatzadeh, zihub    2014-01-28
46    Numerical study of the effect of magnetic impurities on spin transport properties in graphyne nanostructures: Non-equilibrium Green-function treatment    Ph.D    golafrooz shahri, sepideh    2014-01-29
47    Band gap modification of Graphdiyne nanoribbons and nanotubes for : Manufacturing a dopant-free monomaterial transistor by numerical calculation    Ph.D    gh, Boshra    2014-01-29
48    Synthesis hallow nanoparticles hydroxyapatite by co-precipitation route and micelles template - study of structural and optical properties for medical applications.    M.Sc.    derakhshi, mansooreh    2014-03-03
49    Synthesis of MnFe2o4@Ag core shell structure and study of structural,optical and magnetic properties for the pupose of medical application    M.Sc.    Khosravani, Hengameh    2014-03-03
50    Synthesis of Fe/Fe3C Core–Shell Nanoparticles: characterization and their magnetic properties    M.Sc.    kazemi, zahra    2014-06-21
51    investigating the optical properties of multi-layer thin films in order to increase the sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance nanosensor    M.Sc.    Kamel Mirmostafaee, Bibi Vagihe    2014-06-21
52    Preparation and characterization of graphene oxide / Al doped ZnO nanocomposite : investigation of photocatalytic properties    Ph.D    khayatiyan, seyyed asghar    2014-07-02
53    study of the effects Ag impuriteis on the structural, optical and photocatalistic properties of ZnO nanoparicles    M.Sc.    hassan, mohammadi moghaddam    2014-09-16
54    Study of the possibility of synthesizing a degradable nanoscaffold on the basis of merwinite (Ca3Mg(SiO4)2) for medical applications    M.Sc.    kazemi, vahideh    2014-11-29
55    Synthesis and investigation of structural and optical properties of calcium hydroxide nanoparticles for dental applications    M.Sc.    setusar, hamideh    2014-12-22
56    Synthsis and Investigation on Production Mechanism of Ni-Al2O3 nanocomposite prepared by Solution Combustion    Ph.D    Nasiri, Hadi    2015-01-28
57    Study of piezoelectric properties of monolayer hexagonal structures in III-V compounds : First-principles calculations    Ph.D    norouzi, sadegh    2015-02-10
58    Syntesis Of MultiLayer Graphene oxide and Characterization of Structural and Optical Propertise    M.Sc.    Alizadeh Pirposhte, Minoo    2015-03-16
59    numerical study of Electronic and magnetic properties of single-wall GeC nanotubes filled with cobalt nanowires using the DFT methods    M.Sc.    SHoraka, Reza    2015-04-13
60    Influence of Al Doped CuO on Morphology, Structure and Optical Properties of CuO Nanostructure Thin Film , Grown by SILAR Method    M.Sc.    hadavi, hamed    2015-05-11
61    Synthesis and study electromagnetic interference shielding, photocatalytic and structural properties of core-sheath SiO2/TiO2 nanofibers synthesized via electrospinning method    Ph.D    Nakhaei, Omolfajr    2015-05-20
62    Synthesis and the study of structural,optical and photo catalystic properties of polymer nano composites of ZnO–SnO2    M.Sc.    adam zadeh, fatemeh    2015-05-25
63    Synthesis of Nano flower-like ZnO by Sonochemical route and study of their structural and photocatalytic activity    M.Sc.    javan, shahnaz    2015-12-20
64    Theoretical study of Anti reflection layers, light trappers and Nano particles on enhancement of efficiency of thin film solar cells –base of Multi junction and Polymer    Ph.D    faramarzi, maryam    2016-01-13
65    Synthesis and study of holocromic behavior of protein nanocensors senetive to PH    M.Sc.    arman, narges    2016-01-16
66    Effects of Impurity and Electric Field on Optical and Topological Properties of Stanene's Nanostructures : Theoretical Study    Ph.D    FADAIE, SEYEDEH MOZHDEH    2016-01-26
67    Fluorescence probe method for studying the interaction mechanism in nano and micro structures of the soft matters (AOT surfactant and bio materials)    Ph.D    Pourtabrizi, Mahboubeh    2016-02-10
68    Theoretical study of many-body effects in hydrogenated nanostructures of III-V compounds with the GW+BSE and TDDFT approaches    Ph.D    faghihzadeh, somayeh    2016-04-06
69    the study of the effects of the electron-phonon and electron-photon interactions on the electron transport of the graphene nanoribbons    Ph.D    Arabi Darehdor, Mahvash    2016-05-03
70    theoretical study of the structural ,electronic and optical properties of a system of germanene nanostructure and nucleobase or amino acid biomolecule    Ph.D    ayatollahi, azadeh    2017-07-03
71    Theoretical Study of Spin Transfer Torque in FM/Saligraphene/FM    Ph.D    khoshgoftar maher, maliheh    2017-07-08
72    Theoretical study of thermoelectric properties of graphyne nanoribbons    Ph.D    amiri delouei, rouhollah    2017-07-10
73    Synthesis and characterization of Mesoprous Pseudowollastonite nanoparticles    M.Sc.    charmforoushan, alireza    2017-09-18